Tuesday, November 15, 2011

written by rylee for awana


They (Trisha and Darren) once had been thinking about whom they would marry (well maybe every so often) but then they met in collage and knew they were perfect for each other (maybe not right away). They went to Olivet Nazarene University for college. After two years of getting to know each other they decided to get married. They were engaged for a long six months. They now keep God first in their life and marriage by going to church, doing what’s right, praying and last but not least reading the Bible. A couple ways they show their love for each other are saying I love you, rubbing each other’s backs and bring each other Diet Cokes. They think the best part of being married is that you always have a partner and knowing that some one is looking out for you. They have 3 beautiful children (one is me). Some advice they would give a new bride and groom is to remember that it is a life long commitment, make sure you know God well, and to ALWAYS put their need ahead of yours.
By their loving daughter,
Rylee Kochersperger

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ayden turns 5

Its hard to believe that Ayden is five. Here are some pics from her birthday.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pine Spring Camp

It was a time of first...first time I shot a bebe gun and first time ayden climbed a rock wall.

vacation 2011

We had a great time this july 4th weekend. We started off at Molly and Allen's wedding in Pittsburgh. THen we headed to Pine Springs camp for lots of great adventures, including learning to shoot a bb gun, rock climbing and pool olympics. Then we went to flight 93 crash site which was somber. We then headed to Niagara falls. It was a great time!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

15 years

So Darren and I went on a Carribean Cruise for our 15 year wedding anniversary. The kids were at home with some awesome friends for a couple days and grandpa and grandma for a couple of days.

We met John and Nancy, our friends that use to live in Kenosha and now live in Colorado. They share the same anniversary, same date, same year!!

It was paradise and great to get away. We enjoyed the time with just the two of us. What a luxury!!!

Here are a few pix.

Of course, I have to start with the AMAZING food...this is a pix of Lamb chops. Then, they had a formal night and here is our picture in the main staircase of the ship. We also had a reception for the people celebrating anniversaries or honeymoons. That is where we were exchanging bites of cake. Finally here is Darren loving life in the hot tub...their were 4 of them on the ship. The one of us in front of the ship is in Jamaica.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

spring break

It's been spring break this week so it's been a nice break from the regular routine. We got to visit Indy to see Tracy and her kids and Shannon and her kids came up too. It was nice since we had not seen each other since Christmas.